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Title: Want
Author: flamilocks
Warnings: Spoilers, angsty, implied AkuRoku, character death
Word Count: 190
Summary: He wanted Axel back.
Notes: I was a little depressed when I wrote this. Seriously. I normally avoid angst and sad shit like the plague. Oh well.

He wanted out. He had to get out, had to get to Axel before he disappeared forever and there was nothing left of him but memories – the only memories that truly mattered to the figment of Sora called Roxas. He needed to talk to him, to tell him how precious he really was to him – that he knew all along that Axel would miss him more than anyone, and he’d miss Axel just as much.

But there was no time. There were only moments left before Axel’s body was consumed by his own flames, before he faded into nothingness and left Roxas all alone forever. For just a moment, the will of Roxas over took the will of Sora, just long enough for him to whisper goodbye to the only friend he had ever truly had, just long enough for the tears to start to fall at seeing his end.

And then he was subsumed, back into the depths of Sora’s heart, back into his very own nothingness – and nothingness he knew would always be his grave, and would never give him what he wanted most.

He wanted Axel back.
Tags: character:axel, character:roxas, drabble, fandom:kingom hearts

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