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[Fic KH] A Second Chance: From the Darkness

Title: A Second Chance: From the Darkness, 2/?]
Author(s): flamilocks and anonymous
Genre: Adventure/humour/drama
Rating: PG-13
Word count: 3,142
Pairings: Good question! One-sided Isa/Lea, other pairings possible.
Warnings: Semi-AU, potential spoilers, cursing, shonen ai/slash

Summary: After waking up from what felt like a coma, Lea, Lumaria, Relena, and Isa begin trying to get their lives back. But they're missing years, and some things simply aren't right in the worlds; and Isa knows it's all their fault.

A/N: Written by myself and my cowriter, who prefers to be left unnamed. If you see any grammatical errors or weirdness, just let me know and I'll try to fix it. I will be rewriting this chapter shortly, as I really don't like how it flows. Like, at all.

From the DarknessCollapse )
Tags: character:isa, character:lea, character:lumaria, character:relena, fandom:kingom hearts, fic:a second chance, rating:pg-13

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