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[DRABBLE KH] Mundane

Title: Mundane
Author: flamilocks
Warnings: Weird, Larxene, love potion
Word Count: 277
Summary: After ingesting an accidentally concocted love potion, Larxene falls for the first person she sees: Demyx. Luckily, Axel is there to give her advice.
Notes: Prompt by a friend – a Larxene cosplayer. She gave me the word mundane and told me to run with it. viridieanfey_vi gave me Demyx.

"Okay, Larxene." Axel gave the blonde Nobody a look as he leaned against the wall, arms crossed over his chest as he sized her up, “You want to bone Demyx. I’m not sure I want to know, but I won’t deny that I’m intrigued.”

Larxene stared at Axel, “Have you ever REALLY watched him? I mean, sure, he’s a total idiot and he’s not very interesting, and he’s sort of boring –”

“And you’ve yet to list a good quality.”

“Can it, pretty-boy. Stop stealing my eyeliner. As I was saying, he’s got some hidden potential, and I kinda just want to do him.” It had absolutely nothing to do with the strange pink hair-taming solvent that Vexen had her drink the day before, nor the fact that Demyx was the first person she saw after she ingested it.

No, not at all.

Axel rolled his eyes, “Fine, you crazy bitch. The way to Demyx’s heart – well, his lack of a heart – is by being more... well, mundane.”

“Mun... dane? What the hell does that mean?” Larxene scrunched her nose, not liking the sound of the word.

“It means... normal.’”

“... Normal? How the hell am I supposed to act normal?” The distaste doubled, and she stuck out her tongue in disgust. “That’s just dumb!”

“Well, it’s the only way. He’s sort of terrified of you.”

Larxene seemed to be thinking on it. There was a long silence, and quite suddenly Larxene let out a loud, indignant huff before stalking to the door. She turned long enough to give one final statement to Axel before she stormed from the room, “I’m just gonna go rape him now.”
Tags: character:axel, character:larxene, drabble, fandom:kingom hearts, lulz

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