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Verbal Regurgitation

You may want to duck.

14 November


So what's there to say about me right off the bat that could be even remotely interesting? And that you couldn't gather from actually READING my entries? Or looking at my interests?

I'm a geek - I have my fandoms, and they are lovely. Specifically and most strongly, Supernatural, Harry Potter, BBC's Sherlock, Doctor Who, Gundam Wing, and Kingdom Hearts - and while I haven't been active in any recently, I still follow them fairly closely. My previous LJ account was originally going to be used only for fandom goodness, but I've lost track of a lot and haven't really had a chance to work or update at all lately.

I'm 24, and a graduate student who spends way too much time on the internet. Most of the things posted to this journal, in the past, have been the ramblings of a teenage/early 20s girl, and the rest is fanfic related. I tend to do LJ in spurts - sometimes I'll spend months where I'm on here all the time, but then I'll get distracted by other websites. Even if I'm not actively posting here on LJ, I do usually lurk around reading and biding my time. :D

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And I'm the perv?

Most of the mood theme is credited to kohler while bits and pieces were grabbed off of photobucket. If they belong to you, let me know and I'll credit them appropriately.

Theme is credit to thefulcrum, and header image is derived from y0do on deviantart's awesome piece, "Dive"